About Us

Onanya Joni was created in 2010 by Sankan Usna to host healing retreats according to the Shipibo and Quechua-lamista tradition, two tribes of the High Amazon Basin working with Ayahuasca and Master Plants.

In a traditional and secure context, Onanya Joni brings to Europe the power and depth of this ancient healing knowledge. 

Retreats and seminars have brought health improvements for hundreds of patients throughout the years.

Onanya Joni is headed by Sankan Usna, Geraldine Correia’s medicine name.

Sankan Usna started her personal process with plants in 2006 and perfected her apprenticeship with different maestros. Takiwasi is the center she follows presently as an example of methodology and protocols for using Master Plants.

She has followed traditional Master Plant Diets according to the ancient knowledge of the High Amazon Basin tribes.

Sankan Usna currently leads shipibo ceremonies in Southern Europe every month, in small groups, for customized healing.

Tobacco juice  and Mapacho are also used in Sacred Tobacco Healing Ceremonies.

There are different levels of work, with ceremonies and medcinal plants, in Europe:

  • Week end introduction

  • 1 week retreats and immersion

  • 10 day shamanic diets

Retreats and Diets require a number of days of isolation, with very little social contact.

Please check out the next dates to enroll.


“I was born in a country but found my life in another. Later it happened again, I was reborn in midlife through yet another country. From the first time I set foot in Peru I knew this country would somehow be part of my destiny.

I found many human teachers that made that life possible. They were the People of the Anaconda for me. And I met many plant teachers. It was a bit like entering a time machine that takes you back to a time of wonder, a place I should always have been in, and maybe was, unbeknownst. Being in a tambo with a mere roof, no walls and a mosquito net over my bed and hammock, I felt at home.

The wind of destiny swept through my life many times and I was granted a view into the window of the future, the world of spirit that was just beyond my grasp, and a healing journey unlike any other.

Returning to the forest, the sound of monkeys and birds around me, reminds me of the possibility to find this space inside myself, when I perform my shamanic  work, taking others into this forest of the soul. I have a deep sense of gratitude for finding this path within me and turn it into the purpose of my life, as I discover pristine places of myself, undiscovered territories and possibilities, unchartered maps of the soul in humanity.

The dark brown waters of the jungle come alive with the icaros of the Anaconda, Yacumama, Ronin ewe, challenging us to become better human beings.

The Amazon transformed my life, inside and out. I’ve learned to operate on different levels of reality. It is a challenge but also the journey I long for with all my heart, while I also care for my loving family.  I have evolved to work with the four elements and animal kingdom though later initiations in the Andes.

The simplest things are also the most difficult in the troubling times we live in.

Gracias Madre, Gracias Padre, Gracias Ancestritos”

Sankan Usna