Master Teachers


Bubinzana (Caliandra Angustifolia) is a feminine water plant. It grows on the shores of the Amazon river and stays rooted, even when there are great floods. Its wood is very hard, difficult to break, though very flexible.

This plant of mermaids is a teaching plant, allowing you to stay rooted through floods in your life – when emotions could be overwhelming. Great cleaning plant, good for your joints, immune system, feminine organs.


Ajo Sacha (Mansoa Alliacea) is a fire plant, masculine. Its garlic smell cleans all kinds of parasite energies. Like the immune system, it teaches you what is yours to keep and handle and what comes from family patterns or society. Anti depressant, it also works on anger issues.

It is the plant of lucid dreaming, frequently perceived as a jaguar energy. It helps you to make decisions and will typically give you a list of tasks for your daily life. Used by hunters in the forest, in a diet it allows you to stalk the self.


Mucura (Petiveria Alliacea) is a strong cleaning plant for all types of negative energies. It will protect you, increase your luck in life and bring clarity. In your dreams you may perceive situations where you didn’t do well and see how to correct future difficulties. It brings relief from asthma, bronchitis, reduces fat and cholesterol.

Mucura gives you psychological and emotional strength, balance between rational mind and feeling self.

It is sometimes taken before Ayahuasca ceremonies to help you purge and create a protective shield.


Copaiba oil, a thick resin extracted from the tree, is used as a recommended treatment, internally, for serious illnesses like cancer, Aids, psoriasis and helping the immune system (Takiwasi center). It will help and support patients undergoing Chemotherapy. It is very effective for any respiratory conditions, asthma and sore throat. It is useful for stomach ulcers, ulcerative colitis, inflammation and infections of all kinds.
Externally it heals wounds, skin problems and nail fungus: it is anti fungal and antibacterial.
As a master plant, it is a great detoxifying tree, cleaning energetic parasites.