Tinctures of master plants are available!

Send a request to onanyajoni@gmail.com stating your symptoms and intention.

Tinctures are plants macerated in alcohol, in this case home made liquor based on figs, carob or grape.

The dosage is 30 drops 2 times a day, in a glass of water. Sometimes 2 tinctures can be taken simultaneously.

Ajo Sacha (Mansoa Alliacea) is a fire plant, masculine. Its garlic smell cleans all kinds of parasite energies. Like the immune system, it teaches you what is yours to keep and handle and what comes from family patterns or society. Anti depressant, anti viral, anti inflammatory, it also works on anger issues. 

Helps making decisions, setting boundaries and fosters psychological strength.

Bobinsana (Caliandra Angustifolia) grows on the shores of the Amazon river and stays rooted, even when there are great floods. Its wood is very hard, difficult to break, though very flexible.

It allows you to stay rooted when emotions could be overwhelming. Great cleaning plant, good for your joints, immune system, feminine organs.

Tobacco (Nicotiana Rustica) is a masculine plant that gives you a lot of clarity, strength, and works on your immune system preventing viruses and parasites to remain in your body. It will enhance your libido and stimulate dreams.

Psychologically it  works on self-esteem, courage and decision making capabilities. Please check our page devoted to this important master plant.

Ushpa (Tabernaemontana Undulata) is a plant that works on the memory of the heart. Traditionally used to heal traumas, help in mourning processes, it will also remind you of things forgotten, repressed and needing integration, specially childhood memories.
A strong healing plant, it will work on feminine organs, immune system and joints.

Chuchuhuasi (Maytenus Laevis) means “trembling back”, for its uses for arthritis, rheumatism and back pain. It will help you have a higher view on things, a sense of humour. As a strong tonic, it gives you strength in your life and teaches you how to be just. It restores the father structure as it should be.

Uña de Gato (Uncaria Guianesis) means cat’s claw, for the shape of its thorns. This tropical vine treats inflammations, viral infections and tumours, cleans the intestinal tract. It can be used during chemo treatments to ease symptoms and cures Lyme disease.

It helps you connect with your body and what it truly needs.

This mixture of seven trees (palos) includes Uña de Gato, Bobinsana and Chuchuhuasi. It is used in the jungle against laziness, as it will make you very strong. It works on virility and recovering the sense of life. It builds trust and will power.
Its strong cleaning properties make it very useful in case of diseases of the immune system. It will reorganize your thoughts and make you psychologically very fit to deal with difficult situations.

Abuta (Abuta Grandifolia) has a strong effect on diabetes and the way you process sugar in your body. It deals with bitterness, all kinds of bitter feelings, and teaches you how to be a mother for yourself and processing sweet things (love) in your life. It will clean your liver, purify your blood and treat all kinds of pre-menopause and menopause symptoms, endometriosis.

Mucura (Petiveria Alliacea) is a strong cleaning plant for all types of negative energies.  It brings relief from asthma, bronchitis, reduces fat and cholesterol.
Mucura gives you psychological and emotional strength, balance between rational mind and feeling self.

Clavo Huasca (Tynnanthus panurensis) fosters feminine sexual drive at all ages. It is also a medicine for erectile disfunction. Recommended for rheumatism, arthrosis and fertility, it treats inflammation. It teaches us how to live with passion. The clove taste turns this tree into a powerful antidote for parasites of all kinds and realms.

This best seller is very helpful with sleeping problems. It is a mixture of Valerian, orange flowers and lavender. It soothes the mind, helps with memory in general and remembering your dreams. Will work on sex addictions. 

This amazing plant comes from an organic farm in Portugal. It soothes body and mind, eases fear and is a powerful anti-depressant. It works on the urinary tract. It is a well being and general cleaning plant.

This new plant by  Onanya Joni absorbs hematoma, inside and outside, after physical trauma. Healing scars and purifying the past, it makes things clearer, avoiding mental projections. Ideal for difficult childhoods and unprocessed emotional trauma.